What is steering Column?

The steering column of a vehicle is a long housing that contains the steering shaft which connects the steering wheel to the steering gearbox or steering rack.Additionally, modern vehicles are also fitted with an anti-theft device called the steering lock.The automotive steering column is essentially a mechanical device shaped like a rod, whose primary function is to connect the steering wheel to the steering mechanism

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Signs of a Bad or Failing Steering Column

1.Steering tilt function does not lock – One of the most convenient functions of a steering wheel is its tilt function
which allows the driver to set an angle and location of the steering wheel. When this function is engaged, the steering wheel will move freely at first and will later lock into place. If
the steering wheel does not lock, this is warning sign of a problem with the steering column or one of the many components inside the column.
2. Clicking or grinding sounds while turning the steering wheel– if any such noises are audible while driving, it’s most likely coming from the internal gears or bearings inside the steering column. This problem generally occurs over time, so once you start hearing it repeatedly, it’s time to have a mechanic look at the steering column.
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