If you are looking for some inexpensive or recycled parts, spare some time and check-out local salvage yard.  Yards come up with brand new parts but they can save you from paying top dollar at car parts or professional mechanics. Before purchasing anything you need to analyze the problem with the part and what needs to be changed so to avoid damage during dismantling. One of the best ways to avoid a hassle-free parts hunt is by having patience and knowledge. Dismantling can be easier if you have good  tools handy,

Whether you are a professional mechanic or you just tinker around with cars, mining for
your own parts has a number of useful benefits. Below is a list of few reasons to salvage your own auto parts from our salvage yards around United States.

* It’s affordable

Ordering a brand new part can put an unwanted dent in your wallet. Why suffer the loss when you can quickly and easily order parts from our vast junk and salvage yards, why spend more for a part just because it is shiny.

* We are friendly

Far from some auto parts stores and websites, we are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the auto parts salvage business. We take pride in being customer oriented and will happily point you in the right direction. We will also provide you with a 30 to 90 days warranty from date of purchase on all engines, transmissions, and transfer cases that were pulled by our staff.